Wednesday, February 26, 2020

How did the psychological disorders, such as shell shock, in World War Essay - 1

How did the psychological disorders, such as shell shock, in World War I impact on the societal, cultural, and political level in West European countries such as Britain and France - Essay Example But the impacts were for a fact a concern. The impact can be seen from the aftermath prompt cure; cognitive re-structuring of various traumatic experiences (i.e. avoiding the past thoughts) and interacted with the therapist in the seeking for a cure. On social front many were unable to fit well into the society as a lot had changed during the cause of the war. Many of the soldiers were psychologically ill affecting their lives and individual families. After the war many traumatized soldiers from France and Britain soldiers shared several common symptoms – from twitches, anxiety, speech difficulties and digestive complications to more complex nervous indispositions. These affected the economic frontier of their countries since many were incapable to appropriately fit into the society. For instance, while doctors found it strange that these symptoms many times often never present in these countries until the solder was back in the original confines of civilian life. These psycho logical disorders in World War I impact on the societal level of Britain and France. The soldiers were largely unable to culturally transform in these European nations and unable to conform to the cultural expectations. The post psychological impacts such as shell shock have gone a long way in impacting on cultural aspect of the British and French societies. World War 1 can be considered as one of the hinge moment in the culture of the Britain and France. This can be largely attributed to the psychological experiences that were evident. Together the path of cultural effect was set one that set all the difference. Most notable was the impact was in cultural values such as traditional ideologies. The nature of the treatment become more integral part of the cultural heritage and later changed the cultural expectation and behaviors in Britain

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